sven signe den hartogh is a award-winning and multidisciplinary artist and designer, who strives to contribute to a world in which everything can live together in harmony and love through care, connection, collaboration and creation.

The motives that form the essence behind the work of sven signe den hartogh can be traced back to a deeper life-contemplative conviction that sven carries. He sees the world as something in which we live as an inseparable part. In which our relationship with the Earth involves more than pragmatic use, academic understanding or aesthetic appreciation. Namely that there is a unity in all that lives and that there is no distinction between the divine and the natural. Everything that lives is an expression of the whole, everything we see and experience is an appearance of the divine and fundamental part of ourselves, another expression of the same source. A truly human intimacy with the Earth and with the entire natural world is therefore also necessary because it is in a very real sense the same as ourselves.

For him, the animate life itself is the ultimate manifestation and offers us the chance to understand, experience and love our relationship to the whole in order to live in harmony and wonder.

It is this comprehensive view of life that forms the basis for his spirituality, philosophy and practice. sven strives to add value to the way all living things interact with the world in order to get closer to ourselves and the essence of life.

sven works in diverse art forms such as photography, painting, film, installations, sound and design.

He works closely together with museums and galleries. His work has been shown in, among others: Van Abbe Museum, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Museum IJsselstein, World Art Centre Delft. His work is included in the collection of the 'Royal Library of the Netherlands’