‘desolate’ explores the melancholic relationship between a father and son through a dreamy, surreal portrait. Shifting between uninhabited places and his memory. The film is rooted in loneliness but the film never addresses this as such, it can be interpreted in several ways. sven likes to create some sort of understanding for people that might have experienced the same or something similar. For him, ‘desolate’ started as this universal story about loneliness and how we try to connect with people, but despite all of our differences, he is convinced that we are not so different at all. Seemingly differences in appearance make us unique, but everything rests on the same foundation. That we all need love, compassion, warmth and affection. No matter who or where we are in life.

People’s Choice Award (Official Selection) 
Berlin Flash Film Festival 2017

video (color, sound)
2:05 min