─1 His story is free flowing, his ideas liberated, and his passion towards his art is nothing short of admirable. ─2 Capturing the timeless emotions through his diverse art worksTo reconnect the lost elements between unknowns. When the time is frozen, the true feelings last forever. ─3 He constantly strives to make visible what is hidden in our inner selves, like an emotional explorer. His insatiable hunger for self-expression has brought him to test himself in almost all creative disciplines. ─4 ‘Ever since I was young I felt that I couldn’t really connect with most people, a lot of children always thought that I was weird because I was different then most of them. ─5 ‘I’m convinced that an overkill of impressions and distractions on a daily base is seriously harmful for our soul and we need the quietness of nature.’ ─6 Not your typical artist, photographer nor poet, sven thrives off creative expression and artistic energy. ─7 In his work he combines exploring magic with reality, bridging the gap between this world and the unknown.─8 Locked inside their own world, as if the day lasted forever. sven and nina created these intimate self-portraits of themselves. All the images are shot and created by them using many mirrors and a self-timer. ─9 ‘somehow we had to translate all this inspiration from the book into work ourselves.’─10 Creating out of the endless need for self-expression, sven signe den hartogh is a award winning and multidisciplinary artist, whose work combines exploring magic with reality.─11 ‘Art for me, is all based on feelings, using your heart, eyes and hands to create’ ─12 Talented artist sven signe den hartogh is bringing out his first publication by the name ‘letters to the moon’ ─13 sven’s not bound to one technique, yet always sticks to his dreamy, psychedelic aesthetic as his signature style.─14 ‘Magic is missing in the lives of many people. I hope they get a magical feeling when they see my work‘.  ─15 ‘Due to a lack of believe in our educational system, I quit school. I wanted to see what kind of lemons the school of life had to offer.’